WEBINAIRE The fascinating science of laser-activated root canal irrigation

25/02/2021   20:00 - 21:30


Pr Maarten Meire


Pr Maarten Meire

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When it comes to improving irrigation effectiveness during root canal treatment, pulsed erbium lasers are not the most commonly used tools. However, the hydrodynamics that they produce in the irrigant is very intense, and their mode of action is truly unique, in the sense that their effect is remote and does not require the tip to be placed deeply within the root canal. This represents a major benefit over other irrigant activation techniques. Operating such pulsed erbium lasers however is not always straightforward, since the laser allows many parameters to be adjusted, all of which affect the interaction between the beam and the irrigating liquid.

This lecture focuses on the working mechanism of irrigant activation with pulsed erbium lasers, which in se is a very powerful cavitation process. The principles and physical basis are explained and related to physical laws in light of its endodontic application. The fascinating action of LAI is demonstrated and explained by high-speed imaging videos as well as clinical videos. Root canal cleaning, and more specifically biofilm removal and canal disinfection are discussed. Clinical parameters as risk of extrusion and post-operative pain are addressed as well. Its effectiveness is related to alternative irrigant activation techniques. Finally, the value of irrigant activation is framed within the broader picture of root canal treatment.


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