FSfE Pre-Congress course Dr Marc Semper

05/05/2022   13:00 - 16:30

Hotel Stiemerheide,Wiemesmeerstraat 1053600 Genk

Dr Marc Semper


Hotel Stiemerheide

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Dr Marc Semper
(Bremen (D))

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13:30 - 15:00 : How much endo is needed in dental trauma? A review of the current guidelines.


Amongst clinicians there is some uncertainty about when endodontic treatment is indicated after dental trauma in all dentitions. This presentation will provide a comprehensive survey on indication-related endodontic treatment options. Likewise, it will be discussed where they are not justified. In addition, the possibilities and limitations of regenerative treatment approaches after dental trauma will be presented.


The aim of the lecture is to provide the participants with an evidence based and guideline oriented approach of how and when endodontic and regenerative treatments may contribute to a successful outcome after dental traumatic injuries.

15:30 - 17:00 : CBCT in endodontics. The impact on cinical decision making and outcome.


In addition to the clinical examination, the evaluation of diagnostic imaging is the most important component of preoperative diagnostics in dentistry. This lecture describes the influence of cone beam computed tomography on decision making in treatment planning, particularly in endodontic treatment. Furthermore the impact on the outcome of endodontic interventions is portrayed by a current review oft he literature.


The aim of this lecture is to provide the audience with a basic understanding of how cone beam computed tomography imaging may influence treatment


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