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10/05/2019   14:00 - 17:30

Blue Point,80 Bd A. Reyers1030 Bruxelles

Dr Linda Greenwall

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Blue Point

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Dr Linda Greenwall


Addressing the Challenges of Nonvital Tooth Bleaching and the Single Dark tooth


Course description:

There are many problems associated with non vital bleaching and treating the single dark tooth. Some of the problems are incomplete bleaching and regression of the colour after bleaching. Bleaching just the dark tooth or all the teeth is the key success strategy. This lecture will discuss the following

  • Current tooth whitening techniques for non vital teeth used in dental practice focusing on new whitening innovations to treat non vital teeth.
  • Diagnosis and radiological evaluation
  • Treatment planning and options for treatment
  • Reroottreat or accept? What are the European guidelines
  • Technique protocols
  • Bleaching calcific metamorphosis teeth
  • Follow up and maintenance of whitening treatments

It will describe the classification of nonvital bleaching techniques into three categories in order to assist with predicable treatment planning for the various tooth whitening programmes and discuss how to obtain successful and predictable outcomes when treating nonvital teeth.


To provide the delegates with an in depth knowledge of Non Vital Tooth Whitening for Minimal Invasive Aesthetic Dentistry


By the end of the lecture the delegates should

  1. Have the knowledge and understanding of the scientific basis of non vital bleaching
  2. Understand why a nonvital tooth discolours
  3. Understand the trauma process
  4. Understand why a non vital tooth can regress after tooth whitening
  5. Be able to undertake a detailed examination to assess a nonvital tooth for whitening procedures
  6. Understand the pitfalls and problems associated with treating non vital teeth
  7. Be able to understand why patients get sensitivity and how to treat whitening related sensitivity
  8. Be aware of the consent and information that patients need to receive prior to undertaking whitening procedures
  9. Be able to answer patients’ questions and concerns with regards to non vital dental bleaching that their patient may ask